Dear Neighbor

Welcome to the Agrihood project website.  This site is a tool to provide the Santa Clara community information about this first-of-its-kind development that connects contemporary urban living with Santa Clara’s agricultural past.  Just like the project, this website is a living effort, and will evolve with the proposal.  We will continue providing the most up-to-date information, easy ways to share feedback, and seamless communication with the project team.

In January, 2018, The Core Companies – Agrihood’s project sponsor – was pleased to resubmit an updated plan for the six-acre plot located at 90 North Winchester Boulevard, at the intersection with Worthington Circle in Santa Clara. This was a refresh of the plan originally submitted to the City of Santa Clara in December, 2016. From the outset, this project was borne out of a dire need to bring affordable housing through a truly creative, community-driven process. Core has kept this mission and urgency at the center of its work and dialogue as it has continued to evolve the project since the RFP. Fulfilling this mission is what drew the Core Cos. to partner with the Project for Public Spaces.

The Project for Public Spaces embarked upon a citywide placemaking process to form a project vision and discover precisely what’s possible at the site and how to connect it to other public spaces throughout Santa Clara.

While the site has been reimagined, Core’s original principals are unchanged. Agrihood remains a unique public-private partnership with the City of Santa Clara that will house people of all incomes side-by-side, and includes a dedicated below-market rate component.  Current plans envision 361 units, 181 of which will be affordable.  Unlike many projects, plans also include homes for middle-income workers who make up the backbone of Santa Clara’s workforce like teachers, police, firefighters, and nurses, who often earn too much to qualify for traditional low-income housing, but for whom market-rate units are unobtainable.

The project also contemplates a game changing urban farm and verdant open spaces to grow organic produce, host a farmers’ market and agricultural center, and meditative and reflective spaces, walking paths, and other outdoor amenities to transform this currently empty land to a new community gathering place.

Finding inspiration in the communities in which we build is central to Core’s philosophy, and we are proud of the year-long conversation, four public open houses, and dozens of individual meetings that have shaped the project so far; all of which can be seen in the recommendations for PPS that we incorporated into the new site plan.  Our neighbors have made an invaluable contribution to the vision for this future community hub, and we look forward to continuing this process throughout the entitlement and construction phases, and working together to activate the farm and open space for years to come.

If you are interested in learning more about our proposal, or have comments or questions, we would love to hear from you.  We are dedicated to making the Agrihood a wonderful place to live and gather.


The Core Companies