The Core Companies is a real estate development and construction firm, which was established in 1989. Core harnesses specialized expertise in the design and financing of urban infill residential development to meet often unaddressed needs for populations struggling to stay in Santa Clara, including local workforce of all income levels, very low-income individuals, artists, people with special needs, seniors, and veterans. Since its inception, Core has developed more than 400 homes, townhomes and condominiums, as well as 2,300 apartment units.

Located at 90 Winchester Boulevard, Agrihood is a game changing urban farm that connects contemporary urban living with Santa Clara’s agricultural past. Agrihood is a unique public-private partnership with the City of Santa Clara which includes 361 units, will house people of all incomes side-by-side, and includes 181 dedicated below-market rate homes for seniors 55 years-old and over, as well as senior veterans.

This project was borne out of an urgent need to bring affordable housing through a truly creative, community-driven process. Core has kept this mission and urgency at the center of its work and evolved the project to respond to community feedback since the City Council selected Core and its proposed development concept.

The opportunity to revive Santa Clara’s proud agricultural heritage while delivering critical below-market rate housing inspired the community’s imagination and spawned collaboration. Housing and agricultural advocates sought Core’s expertise to create an actionable plan for their vision, and a partnership was born. Core and professional placemaking consultant, Open Scope, ran with the community’s priorities, and by integrating crucial housing with lush, fertile farmland and open space adjacent to one of the city’s busiest transit corridors, Core delivered while remaining true to the community’s goals. Agrihood’s design, open space, building height and massing, partnership and public benefits were all community championed and will truly make Agrihood an intergenerational community for residents of all backgrounds.

Throughout the last two years, the team has met with dozens of interested neighbors, community leaders, and public officials, and held five large public meetings where attendees were invited to participate in design and programming charrettes, provide feedback to site plans, and ask questions of the project team and architects.

Responding to the community’s input, the open space and farmland is concentrated together along the southern exposure, rather than dispersed throughout the property. The open space will be divided into farmland and areas for play and physical activity, however all available space will be productive, including herb planters, vertical gardens, and other methods to increase new available wildlife habitats and biodiversity. The space will remain privately owned by Core, which will be ultimately responsible for maintenance and safety. Any revenue generated by the open space (such as produce sales, community building rentals, or cooking classes) will be fully reinvested in the community-serving spaces.

The farm and open space will be managed by Farmscape, a professional contractor that will design, install, maintain and manage programming services along with non-profit agricultural and educational allies. These organizations will work the land, oversee the urban agricultural center, and execute innovative programs enriching the whole community.

The crops yielded by the farm and gardens will be made available at the Urban Agricultural Center and through a local farm stand held in the public plaza.

The circulation and traffic demand management plans took neighbors’ concerns to heart, and Core - in conjunction with the city – added an ingress & egress access point directly on Winchester Boulevard. Based on feedback and analysis provided by City staff and professionally recognized standards and reporting meant to ensure smooth, safe traffic flow and sufficient parking supply, Agrihood will include 376 garage parking spaces for residents and visitors. Core is exploring partnerships with nearby Valley Fair Shopping Center to accommodate overflow during special events.

Silicon Valley has enjoyed unprecedented job and commercial growth in recent years, however housing has lagged and traffic has worsened. New, strategic infill development, exemplified by Agrihood, will transform the region to be more walkable and less congested. Through data-driven “right sized” parking supply, pedestrian-oriented design, and encouragement of multi-modal transportation options, Agrihood embodies a mix of forward-thinking measures that are key to setting a new standard for a more livable south bay.

Agrihood will include 181 below-market units of the total 361 units onsite, and many will be exclusively reserved for seniors and veterans over age 55. Agrihood will include homes for those earning 30% - 110% of area median income (AMI), and include often overlooked middle income workers who routinely earn too much for traditional below-market homes but still have difficulty making ends meet.

Core has selected the John Stewart Company, a Bay Area property management company with decades of experience managing both affordable and market-rate properties, including housing for seniors. They will lead the tenant selection process and manage the property once residents move in.

For Agrihood waitlist inquiries, please contact We will be following up with each person once leasing activities begin so that they may apply via the waitlist.

Please contact Vince Cantore, Vice President of Development for the Core Companies at with any questions about construction impacts or updates.

After several years of collaboration and feedback with the City of Santa Clara and the community, we were excited to break ground on Agrihood in June 2021. Our first task is to clear and grade the project site, shortly followed by the installation of utilities such as water, sewer and storm drains, telephone and electricity through October 2021. Vertical construction will continue for the next two years with phase one construction expected to be completed in 2023. The tenant selection process will likely start six months prior to the completion of construction

We anticipate the first group of Agrihood residents to move into their new homes in the Summer of 2023.

We anticipate the community farm to be ready for cultivation by Q4 of 2023.

Now that construction at Agrihood has begun, you can visit our website for the latest updates on the project. Additionally, neighbors and interested parties can sign up for email updates and easily communicate with the project team.