Project Updates and Timeline

Late 2016

The Core team has submitted the formal project application to the City of Santa Clara. This begins the city’s review.

Spring 2017

The City has publicly noticed the beginning of the environmental review through a “Notice of Preparation” (NOP) and announced a date for a public scoping meeting where residents will have the opportunity to provide feedback about the breadth of the environmental review. The City of Santa Clara and Core has worked with Project for Public Spaces (PPS) to engage the community and help Core and the City of Santa Clara explore placemaking concepts and create a vital hub at the 90 N. Winchester site that will transform the Santa Clara community.

Summer 2017

The project application was reviewed by city staff and Core had the opportunity to respond and update its plans throughout the part of 2017.

Summer/FALL 2017

The Core team continued its community engagement and meetings with neighbors, local organizations and stakeholders, and potential partners.

winter 2017

The Core team resubmitted its planning application in response to PPS Recommendations.

Spring 2018

The environmental study process concluded, at which time the results were published for public review and evaluated by the city. The City of Santa Clara hosted and lead a public meeting to share a project update and hear from the community.

August 2018

The project was unanimously recommended for approval by the Santa Clara Planning Commission.

December 2018

County approved its share of funding for affordable housing.

January 2019

City council hearing to consider final project approval.

January 2019

City Council unanimously approved the Agrihood project to move forward.

June 2021

Construction begins on Agrihood project

September 2021

Agrihood’s Ceremonial Groundbreaking Celebration

Projected Construction Timeline

June-July 2021

Clearing and Grading Activities

July-October 2021

Installation of Underground Utilities such as water, sewer, storm drain, telephone, electricity. Concrete placement for structures, including footings, slab on grad and vertical assemblies.


Tenant Selection Process begins roughly six months prior to construction completion and will be managed by our property management firm - the John Stewart Company. Construction estimated to be completed in Q3 of 2023.